AreaWFI, Systems’ system


AreaWFI is a patented new integrated telecommunication system, giving a new ceremony user experience. By dedicated personal device every user can confirm or not the result of the personal internet operation. In this way correct data are no more enough to have a result, but it’s necessary the expressed real will of the user to confirm, connected to internet but disconnected by the web, the real personal result asked. WFI is a system and it can be implemented in various services, not only login, but also payments, sending e-mail, upload and download files...more personal activities that normally an internet user does.

WFI system works from the first connection until the use of the services in the network. The system is composed by hardware (E-T personal device; E-T box; WFI-server) and software too. For different market sectors, with different types of customers, we have created a patented system that can give an important evolution to the internet world.

More hardware to create the infrastructure and a personal device to give the ceremony to the users.